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You'll love waking up to this beautiful new hardcover journal!  It was hand designed, based on painting #4 in the "My Womb Is My Strength" art series.  The series is dedicated to the profound strength, resilience, and unfathomable ability women have to love. The painting on the cover is entitled, "Her Scent is Love".

Proudly carry this piece of art with you, to track your daily thoughts and adventures!
Size is 5.75"x8", with 150 lined pages (75 Sheets)

****With your purchase, you'll receive an 8" x 10" print of painting #4 in the "Your Womb is Your Strength" art series. "Her Scent is Love" is perfect for adorning your cherished cozy nook. Regrettably, we're constrained to dispatch just one print per order, which will be packaged and shipped separately. Additional copies and larger sizes, featuring the artist's embellished signature, are also available for sale! For additional details, please visit the Merchandise for Sale section.


.: Matte finish
.: Casewrap binding

Hardcover Journal - "My Womb Is My Strength"

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