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So glad you've stopped by!


At Conduit 12 Fine Art, we understand the transformative power of strategically placed captivating art within your decor.

We're professionally trained Interior Designers focusing solely on art aesthetics.  Our passion for aesthetics and creativity drives us to create statement art pieces that not only complement your rooms but infuse them with the WOW Factor!


Explore our curated collections, where each piece is a conversation starter, merging the boundaries between art and interior elegance. Discover how Conduit 12 Fine Art can redefine your space with unique, thought-provoking, and visually stunning creations.

Whether you're new to the art scene or an experienced collector, our objective is to provide art pieces that will resonate with you, providing enduring enjoyment for years to come!



The Collections:

In an effort to make your experience here seamless, below is a quick synopsis of our collections available for sale: 

16th Street Collection showcases original works of art created on canvas panels, water color paper, gallery-wrapped canvas or wood. 


16th Street pieces are one of a kind artworks that cannot be recreated.  Therefore, they come with the guarantee that you will never see that original piece hanging on someone else's walls! (Note: Very popular pieces are sometimes duplicated in print form for our 11th Street Collection.  This helps to increase the value of the original piece - think van Gogh's Starry Night.)  Original pieces also appreciate over time; so thank you in advance for believing in us and investing in our work! 

16th Street pieces are shipped ready to hang and do not necessitate additional framing (unless otherwise noted in the description).  Gallery wrapped canvases and wood pieces are painted on the sides to facilitate a  beautiful appearance when hung. 

11th Street Collection  showcases prints of original artwork from the 16th Street Collection.  It includes limited editions and giclées.  If you're looking for a lower price point, this is the perfect option for you!  


11th Street pieces are produced on high quality paper, require framing in order to hang (some are sold framed - please check the descriptions for clarification).

We want to assist you in finding pieces that make your space look amazing, so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about placement, decor, etc. 

Feel free to explore both pages, as well as our policies page for shipping and return info.  Please don't hesitate to reach out via email or chat if you have any inquiries!


Lead Artist Bio

MJ is the talented lead visual artist behind Conduit 12 Fine Art.  Her work is captivating; it transcends boundaries while capturing the essence of diverse experiences. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree, she brings a unique perspective to her creations, infusing her art with depth, emotion, and cultural richness.

Her pieces are a reflection of the vibrant blend of identities she embodies, celebrating the beauty of her background while exploring universal themes of identity, connection, and belonging.

MJ's portfolio encompasses a wide range of mediums, from acrylic and oil paintings that burst with color and symbolism to intricate mixed-media pieces that invite viewers to delve into complex narratives. With an intuitive understanding of form and composition, MJ's work often challenges conventional perspectives, encouraging viewers to question and reflect.

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