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About  Conduit 12


Conduit 12 Fine Art was founded by Abstract Artist, Michelle Thomas. Her mission is to provide a Conduit (path) between artists and non-artists – those who “believe” they don’t “understand” art.


Michelle’s belief that fine art doesn’t need to be understood, as much as it needs to be felt - something we all are capable of. Through Conduit 12, she intends to bridge the gap between herself and other artists around the world, to people interested in art, but possibly too intimidated by it to experience it.


The Founder


Michelle Thomas

Michelle Thomas was born in Washington D.C. in the late 60’s. Her family migrated to the United States from the country of Panama just a few years before her birth.

Michelle started drawing with graphite and pastels as a child and graduated to acrylic, and various other mediums later in life. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Art Institutes of Atlanta. She’s an abstract, mixed media artist who loves using surprising mediums in her work to express her vision.  

You shouldn’t be surprised to find any of the following mediums used in her work:


  • Paint (oil, ink, watercolor, gauche, etc.) 

  • Charcoals, pastels & graphite

  • Steel

  • Wood

  • Textiles

  • Graphics

  • Photography

A native Washingtonian (District of Columbia), Michelle has also lived in Los Angeles, CA, and is now a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, and as you’ll see in her work, her Panamanian (Hispanic) and Caribbean descent, as well as her D.C and Southern California roots are clearly reflected. Her love of vibrant, bold hues is reflective of colors she was surrounded with as a child; her huge admiration of graffiti, texture and text are also typically seen in her more avant-garde pieces.

Michelle Thomas’ style is stunning, expressive, and delightful.  She paints with her deepest emotions; feelings which are rich and complex. In her works, her Interior Design background is reflected as she considers the audience when she keeps colors muted and “agreeable”.  In her more daring pieces, she digs deeper, reflecting inner conflicts and struggles she’s worked hard to overcome and make peace with.  Her spirit is in her work.  Whether she uses rich, vibrant hues, or bold black and white combinations, her work consistently reflects her daring spirit, courage & freedom.

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