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My motivation for this painting:


"Love Meets Love," features a color palette of blue, teal, white, and gold.  I drew my motivation for it from the concept of connection, harmony, and the profound union of love. In this painting, I seek to capture the dynamic interplay of emotions and energies when love encounters love, resulting in a symphony of emotions and shared experiences.


My choice of colors holds symbolic significance:


  • Blue and Teal: These hues often symbolize tranquility, depth, and the calmness that comes with profound connections. They represent the serene and expansive space where love blossoms.
  • White: White signifies purity, innocence, and the untainted essence of love. It embodies the sincerity and authenticity that love brings to our lives.
  • Gold: Gold represents the highest value, illumination, and the transformative power of love. It signifies the preciousness and richness that love adds to our experiences.


In "Love Meets Love" I hope to encapsulate the moment when two hearts converge, sharing their emotions, vulnerabilities, and joy.  My hope is that it will embody the idea of love being reciprocated, creating a profound connection that amplifies the beauty of each individual.




“Love Meets Love” was created with acrylic paint and colored pencils on linen canvas panel.  




16” W x 20” H x 1/8” D.  It has been painted on 1/8" archival linen canvas panel.  


Hanging Recommendations:


"Love Meets Love" is being sold unframed as the colors in the piece allow for many options for framing.  If you'd like it framed, prior to shipping, please reach out to me directly at, to discuss options and timing; however, the size is standard and very simple to have framed at your local framer. 


Financing Options:


For your convenience, financing is available at checkout through Affirm and PayPal.

"Love Meets Love"

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