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My motivation for this painting:


This painting is a print of the 4th painting in the “MY WOMB IS MY STRENGTH” art series. In the series, I’m speaking to all women - not just the moms - about our profound strength, resilience, and unfathomable ability to love. Through the use of color and movement, I depict the womb as a source of life, love, nurturing, and creativity, while showcasing the inherent power and beauty of femininity.


"Her Scent Is Love” draws its motivation from the intangible yet profound nature of emotions, specifically the power of love and how it can be sensed in more ways than one. This painting seeks to capture the essence of a woman's love as a sensory experience, transcending the visual and engaging the olfactory senses.


My use of colors, textures, and forms in this painting are employed to evoke the complex and multisensory nature of a woman's love. The title "Her Scent Is Love" is metaphorical, suggesting that there's an indescribable and unique fragrance associated with love, one that can't be contained within traditional senses, leaving an imprint on senses, and its effects linger in the air long after its presence.



"Her Scent Is Love” was originally created with oil on canvas in warm hues of cadmium red orange, violet, and white, which translate beautifully onto paper in this reproduction print.


Available Sizes - Three sizes are available for purchase (Note: If you purchase any of the merchandise in the "My Womb Is My Strength" collection, one free 8" x 10" print accompanies your purchase.


  • 8" x 10" (Note: One free print of this size accompanies any product purchase) - to estimate this size print on your wall please see image with dark green wall and tan credenza.
  • 16" X 20" - to estimate this size print on your wall, please see image with dark blue wall and dark wood credenza.
  • 18" x 24" - to estimate this size print on your wall, please see the image with the painting hanging above the bed.


Hanging Recommendation:


The price of this print does not include framing. Framing is available upon request for an additional cost. Please contact me to discuss options and timing for framing. Painting can be hung in any direction, so you'll want to determine the preferred direction prior to framing.


Financing Option:


For your convenience, financing is available at checkout through Affirm and PayPal, depending upon price threshold.



"Her Scent Is Love" - Print of Original Painting - UNFRAMED

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