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My motivation for this painting:


In the strokes of black and white, "Timeless" seeks to capture the essence of eternity within the confines of a canvas. This abstract expressionist piece is a visual ballad, an ode to the perpetual dance of existence, where the absence of color becomes a vessel for boundless narratives.


In the interplay of black, discover the shadows of ages past, the imprints of histories written and unwritten. Each stroke, deliberate and commanding, echoes the strength found in the enduring nature of time itself. It's an invitation to delve into the profound mysteries that have transcended generations.


The purity of white, like a blank page, symbolizes the potential of every moment, a canvas waiting to be painted by the experiences of today and the promises of tomorrow. The absence of color is not emptiness but a space for endless possibilities, a reminder that timelessness lies in the perpetual renewal of the present.


"Timeless" beckons you to lose yourself in its abstract embrace, encouraging introspection on the continuum of moments that stretch beyond the constraints of the clock. As you gaze upon this monochrome symphony, may you find solace in the notion that within the simplicity of black and white, the profound complexity of the timeless is unveiled.





“Timeless” was created with acrylic paint on canvas.




36” W x 48” H x 1.5” D. It has been painted on a gallery wrapped canvas - sides have been painted to match the surface.


Hanging Recommendations:


"Timeless" will arrive stretched on canvas and ready to hang. It is framed in a silver frame, but can hang beautifully without it, should you choose to remove it.




"Timeless" can be hung either horizontally or vertically. I leave it up to the owner to decide which direction bests suits their environment. To facilitate this, I've signed the painting on the side, rather than on the front surface.



Financing Options:


For your convenience, financing is available at checkout through Affirm and PayPal.



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