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Artist's Motivation:


The motivation behind the creation of "Stormy I & II" is characterized by a dramatic palette of dark green, dark blue, and white, is rooted in the exploration of turbulence, introspection, and the tumultuous nature of human emotions. These pieces seek to convey a visual and emotional narrative that delves into the depths of inner storms and the profound beauty that can emerge from chaos.


The title, "Stormy," serves as an evocative representation of the tempestuous aspects of life, emotions, and the human experience. This painting is motivated by a profound desire to inspire viewers to contemplate the complex interplay between calm and chaos, both within themselves and in the world around them.


The choice of colors is deliberate and symbolic. Dark green symbolizes growth and resilience in the face of adversity, dark blue represents depth and introspection, and white embodies clarity and the potential for transformation.


Recommendation for Hanging:


"Stormy lI" is lovely enough to stand on its own or be paired with "Stormy I" or a beautiful neutral like “Pure”.  It was created on a 1 1/2" gallery wrapped canvas that can hang on your wall with or without framing. It will arrive with hanging wire so that it is ready to hang. 


Image Size 12” x 24” x 1.5"D


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