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Artist’s Inspiration:


"Shadows” is a series of neutral paintings created on 1/8" archival canvas panels.  The motivation behind this series, characterized by a striking palette of black and white, is deeply rooted in the exploration of duality, mystery, and the interplay between light and darkness. This artwork seeks to convey a visual and emotional narrative that delves into the profound depths of the human experience.


The title, "Shadows", serves as an evocative reflection of the enigmatic aspects of life and the complexity of human emotions. This painting is motivated by a profound desire to inspire viewers to contemplate the intricate dance between light and shadow, both within themselves and in the world around them.


The choice of colors is deliberate and symbolic. Black represents the depths of the unknown, the mysteries that lurk in the shadows, and the complexities of the human psyche. White embodies purity, clarity, and the potential for enlightenment, illuminating the darkness with the light of understanding.


Recommendation for Hanging:


“Shadows V" is lovely enough to stand on its own or be paired with a beautiful neutral or brightly colored piece - you can't go wrong either way.


Please note that all paintings created on artist paper, panels or watercolor boards must hang inside of a picture frame; they cannot hang independent of a frame. Papers or panels can hang either in an open or closed frame, with or without a mat board. Please consult your local professional framer to determine the best way to re-hang the image should you choose to do so.


Image Size 12” x 12” x 1/8"


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"Shadows V"