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My motivation for this painting: 


Funny story, I painted this painting after ending a call with an ex. 😂.  We hadn't dated for years, but he still had the abiltiy to!  😂"Lose My Mind" draws its motivation from the intensity of emotions and the sensation of being overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings. This painting seeks to visually represent the tumultuous and chaotic aspects of the human mind when it becomes engulfed in intense emotions or experiences.  My choice of fuchsia as the main color, a vibrant and bold color, adds to the emotional impact of the artwork. Fuchsia often conveys a sense of energy, intensity, and heightened emotions.


It's my hope that "Lose My Mind" will serve as a visual exploration of the rich tapestry of human emotions and the complex nature of our inner worlds. It celebrates the raw and unfiltered aspects of the human experience, inviting viewers to embrace the intense moments that shape and define us.




 "Lose My Mind” was created with acrylic paint on canvas in warm hues of fuschia, violet and white.  It was accented with gold, and prussian blue - beautifully vibrant hues which translate beautifully into this reproduction onto paper. 



"Lose My Mind" - Original Painting - UNFRAMED

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