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My motivation for this painting:


This abstract painting titled "Light," is predominantly composed of yellow and white hues, and is motivated by the exploration of illumination, clarity, and the ethereal qualities of light itself. The painting aims to capture not only the visual aspect of light but also the emotional and symbolic implications it carries.  Yellow, being a color often associated with warmth, positivity, and energy, becomes the primary choice to represent the radiant quality of light. White, on the other hand, signifies purity, openness, and a blank canvas of possibilities. Together, these colors create a harmonious interplay that reflects the different dimensions of light.


The title "Light" extends beyond the visual representation. It serves as a metaphor for enlightenment, understanding, and clarity in various aspects of life. My hope is that the viewer will contemplate the way light illuminates our perspectives, guiding us through the unknown and revealing hidden truths while evoking feelings of hope, renewal, and inspiration.




“Light” was created with acrylic paint on canvas in warm hues of cadmium yellow, white, sand and buff.  It is accented with gold and black.




48” W x 48” H x 1.5” D.  It has been painted on a gallery wrapped canvas - sides have been painted to match the surface.  


Hanging Recommendations:


"Light" will arrive stretched on canvas and ready to hang.  No framing is necessary; the painting can hang as is or can be framed.  After purchase, please reach out to me via email at, if you'd like it framed, prior to shipping, so that we can discuss options and timing. 




"Light" can be hung either horizontally or vertically.  I will leave it up to the owner to decide which direction bests suits their environment.  To facilitate this, I've signed the painting on the side, rather than on the front surface. 



Financing Options:


For your convenience, financing is available at checkout through Affirm and PayPal.


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