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My motivation for this painting: 


This painting is a print of the 6th painting in the “MY WOMB IS MY STRENGTH” art series.  In the series, I’m speaking to all women - not just the moms - about our profound strength, resilience and unfathomable ability to love. Through the use of color and movement, I depict the womb as a source of life, love, nurturing, and creativity, while showcasing the inherent power and beauty of femininity.


"I Know You" draws its motivation from the exploration of human connection, intuition, and the profound ability to understand and resonate with loved ones on a deeper level. This painting seeks to capture the mysterious and intricate nature of the bonds that form between individuals, often transcending words and logic.


I created "I Know You" in hopes that viewers will delve into the essence of recognizing and connecting with the core of another person, going beyond mere recognition of physical features or shared experiences, and acknowledging the unique soul and spirit that defines individuals.




The original painting of "I Know You” was created with oil paint on canvas panel in warm hues of cadmium red orange, violet, and white, which translate beautifully into this reproduction onto paper. 




Three sizes are available for purchase (Note: If you purchase any of the merchandise in the "My Womb Is My Strength" Collection, one free 8" x 10" print accompanies your purchase. 


  • 8" x 10" - to estimate this size on your wall, please see the image with light wood table and single chair in above.
  • 16" X 20" - to estimate this size print on your wall, please see the image with the greenery above.
  • 18" x 24" - to estimate this size print on your wall, please see the image with the two chairs and credenza above.


Hanging Recommendation:


This price of this print does not include framing.  Framing is available upon request for an additional cost. Please contact me to discuss options and timing for framing. Painting can be hung in any direction, so you'll want to determine the preferred direction prior to framing.


Financing Option:


For your convenience, financing is available at checkout through Affirm and PayPal, depending upon price threshold.

"I know You" - Print of Original Painting - UNFRAMED

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