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My motivation for this painting:


"Hold On Tight"  draws its motivation from the concept of balance, resilience, and the cyclical nature of life's challenges. This painting seeks to capture the idea of holding onto strength and hope as we navigate the continuous ebb and flow of experiences.


The chosen colors have distinct symbolic meanings:


  • Yellow signifies positivity, energy, and the light that guides us through adversity.
  • Black represents challenges, uncertainty, and the darker aspects of life.
  • Blue embodies calmness, introspection, and the sense of tranquility in the midst of turmoil.
  • Violet symbolizes transformation, wisdom, and the potential for growth through challenges.
  • Orange conveys warmth, enthusiasm, and the ability to adapt and embrace change.


The incorporation of the figure 8, known as the infinity symbol, adds an additional layer of meaning. The figure 8 represents eternity, balance, and the continuous cycle of life, where challenges and triumphs intertwine.  It is my hope that that this painting will serves as a visual representation of the interconnectedness of challenges and growth, and help celebrate the idea that through resilience and balance, we can navigate the intricate paths of life with hope and determination.




“Hold On Tight” was created with acrylic paint on canvas.  It is accented with graphite.




12” W x 16” H x 1/8” D.  It has been painted on 1/8" archival canvas panel.  


Hanging Recommendations:


"Hold On Tight" is being sold unframed as the colors in the piece allow for many options for framing.  If you'd like it framed, prior to shipping, please reach out to me directly at, to discuss options and timing; however, the size is standard and very simple to have framed at your local framer. 


Financing Options:


For your convenience, financing is available at checkout through Affirm and PayPal.

"Hold On Tight"

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