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"Gee" was created as  of a two part multiple painting.  It can be purchased as a single painting or beautifully paired with "Money". (Receive additional 20% off pricing, if purchased with "Money")


Bold, black and white are paired with silver accent in an Abstract Expressionist style.  The painting is simple yet lively. 


It pays homage to Michelle's upbringing in Washington D.C and her love for 80's + 90's Hip Hop Music. 


Fun fact - "Gee Money" was a character in the popular hit movie New Jack City, by Thomas Lee Wright, released in 1991. 


**Painting is signed on side profile, so that owner can hang in alternate directions over time (see examples in photos).  


36" H x 24" W x 2.5" D. 

Mixed Media (Acrylic, Oil, Graphite)


Financing options available through Affirm. 


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